Sunday, 1 April 2007

Java / Tomcat Hosting

There I was hosting ozkidsactivities at Go Daddy, who are normally very good and a cheap hosting option, but their Tomcat and MySQL support left a bit to be desired. They do not allow restarts or context reloads in tomcat and Tomcat is restarted once a day. It is very inflexible. MySQL is also at version 4.0, which is pathetic.

The worst thing, was periodically the site would go offline !!!

Gave godaddy up and went to metawerx, a hosting company in Melbourne. Brilliant service and the site is up and running in no time. Also, got Tomcat 5.5 and MySQL 5 support as a bonus.

Monday, 19 February 2007

MySQL version gotchas

There I was furiously developing software for a website using straight JDBC, which I had not used for a while, having worked with data abstraction layers and found a MySQL gotcha.
My dev version of MySQL had v5.0 and I was happily using subqueries and the likes. Then I uploaded the software to my hosting account at godaddy and voila all subqueries failed. After investigations, I figured out that godaddy were still in version 4.0 of MySQL (4.0.27) which does not support subqueries. Only MySQL versions 4.1 and above do support them.

I then had to move some accounts to a new hosting account at hostmonster, who allow hosting of multiple domains in a single account. Two birds killed. My MySQL version problem got solved as they used 4.1 and I saved some money by hosting all my domains under one account.

-- Arv